Our Volunteers

Emma Kellner

Member of the Bavarian Parliament (1990 – 2003), senior project manager at GIZ in Mauretania and South Africa (2003 – 2012),since 2013 freelancing for GIZ. In our projects Kellner gave workshops about identifying, formulating and presenting political goals. In 2017 she adviced participants in their work with the Bavarian Tunisian Action Plan.

Gerhard Wick

For the Industrial Metal Union Wick supports Unions in Tunisia, inter alias in workshops about communication with entrepreneurs, worker’s rights and the building up of basic unions in Tunisia. In 2017 Wick made a presentation about his work in the project “Are you really so political? – Are you really so apolitical?”. Wick highlighted strategies to push political goals and to find compromises.

Dr. Hamdi Louati

Born in Tunisia, president of the House International (Haus International) until 2016. In 2017 Dr. Luoati organized a meeting with the Council of Migration Landshut (MIGLA). The participants realised that the council members are supportig the town of Landshut not only by advicing, but also to a great extend by volunteering. Both is a great benefit for Landshut. This insight inspired participant Lamis Aissa to ask the mayor of Zarzis to set up a Council of Youth.

Vincent Hogenkamp

Speaker of the student group of the Young Socialists (JUSOS) at the University Passau. In 2017 Hogenkamp gave a presentation about the work of the JUSOS student group and his own motivation for doing politics.

Nader Wagdy

President of Success of Europe (Europas Erfolg e.V.) is a former participant of “Are You Really so Political? – Are You Really so Apolitical?”. Wagdy grew up in Cairo and lives for two years in Landshut. He shared his experiences regarding studying in Germany and his association work, particularly the applicaton process for European projects. He inspired participants to apply own EU projects.