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1.33 for “Are You Really so Political? – Are You so Really Apolitical?”

July in Landshut, November in Djerba | Finished

Participants evaluated the project with 1.33 on a scale of 1 to 4 (“How did you find the project all in all?”). The competence of the trainers were evaluated with 1.2. and 1.55 and 16 out of 21 participants crossed that now they are absolutely more motivated to be committed in policy. The aim was to strengthen young participants in their political activities and to motivate them for politics.

24 young people from Tunisia and Germany trained political tools such as techniques of debating, writing interviews, identifying and formulating political goals. There were excursions to socially committed associations and political institutions or rather parties.

The first part of the project took place in July 2017, the second part from 1st to 8th of November on Djerba.

The project was funded by the Federal Foreign Office and the Bavarian State Chancellery, organised by the Association for European Education (
As of 11th of November 17

Teaching Political Tools to Young People

22nd to 29th of Nov. 17 in Djerba | registration closed | Download Manual

Youth workers and volunteers of youth work from Germany and Tunisia are practicing tools for political participation and learn methods to teach these tools to young people

• Learn methods to develope political goals with young people and to use the results for letters to politiciens and foundations.
• Be instructed how to conduct the workshop „Youth Debates“
• Identify, formulate and present political goals with the Bavarian-Tunisian-Actionplan
• Learn criteria for good interviews and train techniques of interviewing.


Claus Sixt political scientist, former member of the city council of Landshut and former assistent of a deputy of the Bavarian Parliament.
Verena Kuch assistent of a deputy of the Bavarian Parliament, active member of the Green Party and NGOs.

Participation fees

190 € /240 € for a single room for participants from Germany
40 € / 90 € for a single room for participants from Tunisia
In the fees are included the accommodation (board and food) and the flight from Munich airport to Djerba (two ways). The travel expenses to and from the airport Munich and these from the Tunisian home towns to the venue are not taken over. There may be also additional charges, if your departing airport is not Munich. Expenses on the free day are not included.


Submission line is the 31st of July 2017; Registraton form >>>

Funded by the Foreign Office in the context of the tranformation partnership Tunisia Germany and the Bavarian State Chancellary in the context of the Bavarian-Tunisian action Plan; organised by the Association of European Education (

As of 1st of September 17