October 5, 2017

Running a City is a Democratic Process.

Rex Tanjuatco is only 26 years old and already the mayor of Tanay for one year.
October 15, 2017

“No Politics!” – A Typical Young Philippine?

Roxas*, 32 years old man of the Philippines, is apolitical. Probably, one reason are the specific philippinian circumstances regarding the involvment of young people in policy.
November 5, 2017

“I’m Afraid to Become a Wolf.”

Oussema from tunisia, 23 years old, has a diplome in technology of electronic conception and was sent to France by a youth house in Tunis.
November 23, 2017

Good in Revolution, Bad in Policy.

Marwa, you are a young woman, eager to have a voice how to shape your country. When did you start to be active? .